On a girls weekend to Phillip Island?

  1. Penguin Parade (No Tuxedo Required): Get ready for a red-carpet event like no other at the Penguin Parade! These penguins aren’t walking to accept any awards, but they sure strut their stuff on the beach. No tuxedos necessary, just grab your cameras and enjoy the adorable parade of penguins. Choose either the open seating or as I prefer the underground platform.  See the penguins close up. Bookings are necessary
  2. Get some serious beauty treatment: there are a couple of nail salons here, along with Island Glow Aesethetics for a skin consultation and with plenty of treatments on offer.
  3. Nobbie Nonsense: Take a stroll along the Nobbies boardwalk, but beware of the “nobbly” creatures lurking nearby. They call it “The Nobbies” for a reason – you might spot some rather dashing penguins in their fancy tuxedos. Don’t forget your best “look where I am” pose for photos.
  4. Beach Bumming, Not Tanning: Forget about that perfect tan; it’s all about beach bumming on Phillip Island. Cowes Beach is the ideal spot for lounging and gossiping. Plus, it’s a safe place to practice synchronized swimming (or flailing, depending on your skills). Find all of the beaches and fantastic walks here from wild surf to balmy bays.
  5. Shopping SpreeWhether you are after food, ice cream, beautiful clothes and/or homewares you will find it here on Phillip Island. Find some of the best, unusual and/or luxury goods on the Island.  Brinnie T Home, Beemo San Remo, The Jolly Lolly Trolley, Mon Dieu are just some of the places you need to visit.  We’re here for the laughs and bonding

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and create lasting memories with your girlfriends on Phillip Island. Whether you’re enjoying the wildlife, the beautiful beaches, or buying the best thing ever.

Remember on your lavish girls weekend to Phillip Island it all about making the most of your time together and sharing a good laugh.

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