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Your car is an investment which will look just as good in 5 or more years time with regular maintenance and care with our assistance. Most likely your car will need detailing after just 6 months of normal daily use after you have purchased it.

This is because driving your car will embed road contaminants into the paint, from tar, stone chips and bugs, plus dust and debris will enter your car’s interior. This is normal.

Our professional car detailing aims at completely removing this dirt from your car, both outside and inside, not just covering it up. This will maintain its new car feel.

Car Exterior Detail

There is a set of processes our team at Picture Perfect Car Detailing perform for all the different surfaces that firstly, thoroughly cleans the paint, followed by a careful and extensive buff/polish when needed. The shine on your car comes from the light reflecting from your paint after the surface contaminants and fine scratches have been removed. This is before any surface protection wax is added and the results achieved are before any protection wax has been added.

Car Interior Detail

We then put as much effort to extensively cleaning the inside of your car, as we put into into the outside. Looking under every seat and inspecting every corner. We use a strategic combination of different brushes, steam cleaning and just the right level of cleaner so as to not damage any interior surface. These methods gently and gradually get the right results, bringing your cars interior up to be the best it can be.

Protective Paint Sealers And Protective Waxes

The final finish of the car detailing process is to apply a selection of premium paint sealers and protective waxes to offer your car the best ongoing protection against the harsh Australian elements, keeping the paintwork looking beautiful and shiny. Waxes are a sacrificial external protection, and need replacing at no more than 6 months. This is how the paint is protected, and we can do this for you at a very high standard.

A Full Car Detail job takes a full day that is 8 hours of love.

Our full Basic professional car cleaning and detailing job will take all day. We take a dirty car and make it more than clean, we restore its lustre. The more extensive detailing package is a 2 person, full day service, and we expect your car to look like brand new.

Our focus is always to make your car look it very best for its age and km traveled. And our aim for your car detailing Phillip Island service is to make your car look brand new again

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Full interior and exterior car detailing services

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Ceramic paint protection treatment makes the car sparkle

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Picture Perfect Car Detailing for old car paint restoration. Bring your classic car to life


picture perfect car detailing Peter

Peter is the face behind Picture Perfect Car Detailing with over 40 years’ experience as a classic car owner and collector, working as a mechanical and chemical engineer in automotive and mining.

“Initially working at BTR Engineering as one of the quality control people, I found that attention to detail will always provide the highest quality results for the product. Later I spent time working with large automotive dealer and transport companies, and spray paint booth suppliers, installing large workshop fit outs.

My last engineering projects prior to opening Picture Perfect Car Detailing based in Cowes Phillip Island, centred around chemical manufacture, analysis and safe storage, which included understanding the different uses of cleaning chemicals and oils, and how they react with materials. This also included some work with BASF New generation Paints with their new water-based paints, now standard.

My passion area over the last 40 years is car collecting and car racing. There have been many car shows attended and a few trophies won along the way. The first of the car collections included a selection of Falcon GTs,  R/T Chargers and Commodores.

Over the time there has been Jaguars, Alfa Romeos, Ferraris, Maserati’s and Subaru’s, that have been carefully detailed for car shows to premium levels of presentation.

This 40 plus years of experience and knowledge is now available for all our Picture Perfect Customers.

Just ask us questions and we can make your car ownership even more rewarding.”

Ceramic Car Coating: Invest In Paint Protection On Your New Car.

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Ceramic as SiO2 Ceramic Coating hard surface paint protection.

Ceramic coating SiO2 is what the good car dealers offer as paint protection. We can do a superior job at a lower price on your new car.

Ceramic paint protection treatment best suits a new car before it gets scratched, because there is always car dealer and pre-delivery scratching. Car dealers use gloss waxes to hide these initial scratches.

Premium Paint Protection

When we carry out a full Ceramic Paint Protection application, we do a full inspection and further correct what the car dealer does not. We ensure your new car has new car paint again.

New cars sit on docks and will suffer fall out damage to their new paint when they arrive at the dealer. The cars are totally unprotected during transport and when you receive delivery, apart from a temporary spray wax that initially protection lasts about 1 month.  If left on the new car lot, they have quick daily washes that scratch the paint before you receive your new car.

Ceramic Paint Protection is generally said to last 2 years, but what the car dealer does not tell you is with regular correct maintenance it can safely protect much longer.  They don’t offer this service but we do!  We offer and recommend a 6 month careful clean to remove the buildup of tar and road grime that the coating resists but does not stop.

This generally is only $200-$300 applied at 6-month interval. We offer a complete guaranteed system that will maintain your asset.

Why a new car? 

Only because the paint is new and not yet damaged. You can Ceramic Coat any paint, but as the car gets older it will need any scratches removed prior to ceramic coating.  This will require extra paint correction (buffing).

Ceramic coating will lock in the paint surface, so the surface must be in as close to perfect condition as possible.

What is Ceramic coating?

Ceramic car coating is a wafer thin, solvent based hard glass like resin. It makes the car shine at a new level of gloss. This protective coating for cars offers a resistance to dirt and grime buildup adhering to the paint if it is maintained. Ceramic car protection polish offers superior scratch resistance from wash scratching, or “love scratches“.  It does not protect from stone chips or dragging branch scratching.

The Picture Perfect Warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty that if you are unlucky enough to damage your paint and it needs repainting, we’ll repair ceramic coating after the damage is repaired by a professional smash centre.   Our Guarantee is we will repair that area with a fresh new ceramic coat at no cost within 2 years and offer a FREE complete wash detail. If you are unlucky enough to have a smash!

What Ceramic Coating does excel at: it makes your car sparkle and stay that way, as washing your car becomes a much quicker, simpler task, with better results.

What Is Ceramic WAX?

Ceramic wax for cars is water based and the necessary sacrificial over layer for Full Ceramic coating maintenance. Ceramic waxing can also be applied to protect paint, in place of full Ceramic protection. But as a water-based protection it only lasts 6 months at the most. Ceramic waxing is a perfect standalone protection for a new car but must be reapplied at 6 months maximum.

This is our standard finish for all our detailing projects.

Generally, a Euro car has harder paint and is less in need of full Ceramic coating, but Japanese cars have soft paint and will scratch quickly with normal washing.

Ask Us Which Option Is Best

We can explain the best options to help protect your new or near new car asset. Come and talk to us about your professional ceramic coating!

Maintaining Your Asset. Quick Wash Detail

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After executing one of our car detailing packages, you will be able to enjoy your car looking and feeling perfectly clean and fresh!

Road Contaminants

Rain does not put dirt on your car,  but driving on wet roads, especially behind a truck does.  You’ll find that damaging tar and wet dust adhere to the paint work, that any normal wash will not completely remove.

Protect Your Asset With Protective Waxes

Whether it is monthly or 6 monthly, the protective waxes will need topping up and there will usually be tar removal required. We can gently remove the contaminants from inside and out without taking the previously applied protection from the car.  Protection surface coatings will build up, over ongoing quick details, these will continue to enhance and protect your asset.

This is done relatively quickly on a previous detailed car, because all the hard work has already been done. So it is low cost service at only $150-$250.

Maintain The Car Value

By maintaining your asset, you’ll keep the value in your car and let us address any wear and tear as it happens, not years later when it becomes a big job again.

With our Quick wash, you can expect to have your previously detailed car look just like it has had a full high end detail, at only a fraction of the cost.

You are now one of our regular “special “ Picture Perfect customers when you come back.

Car Restoration Detailing

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We love to do a full, premium restoration detail and see new life put into those beautiful classic cars. Your car is treated to extra love and attention and even more gentle detail when we go for the Restoration Detail Package. These take 2-3 days as a normal.

Older Cars Need Regular Care

Older cars will need more time and work, simply because they have been around longer and the materials and care has not been as high tech as it is these days.

Classic Car Repair And Restoration

What we pride ourselves in doing is utilizing our considerable experience and skills to repair and restore to detail your classic or exotic car, and knowing and understanding that it has an extra special place in your life. We treat it like it’s our own baby.

This is where owning and presenting classics such as the Falcon GT , HSV Commodores, Jaguars and Alfa Romeos for show, allows us to know which are the best and most suitable application of products to bring out the best in your car.

As older cars will experience more wear and tear, we recommend an inspection and quote.

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